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About NIT Mantiqueira

NIT Mantiqueira

Created in 2010 in accordance with Law No. 10 973/2004, called 'Innovation Law', the Cluster NIT-Mantiqueira is a project linked to the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (acronym MCTI) and runs as a collaborative network with Scientific and Technological Institutions (ICTs) and companies of São Paulo state and southern of Minas Gerais state. We develop activities to optimize and share resources; disseminate best practices in innovation management, intellectual property (IP) protection and technology transfer; and facilitate the implementation of the Innovation Law and Innovation Policy into the institutions.

Actually, there are six public and private ICTs linked to the NIT Mantiqueira:

  • Center for Information Technology Renato Archer (CTI);
  • National Institute for Space Research (INPE);
  • National Astrophysics Laboratory (LNA);
  • National Center for Research in Energy and Materials (CNPEM);
  • Center for Advanced Research Wernher von Braun (CPA von Braun);
  • Valeparaibana Foundation for Education (FVE)


The NIT-Mantiqueira's mission is to contribute to the socio-economic and environmental development of the country, promoting the protection and application of the scientific and technological knowledge developed in Brazilian research institutions. In this sense, the NIT-Mantiqueira has been trying to encourage the protection of IP, as well to structure and operate the technology transfer processes from ICTs to the productive sector.


  • Connect Research Institutions to companies/enterprise
  • Partnerships in Research, Develop & Innovation Parcerias em P,D&I
  • Technology Transfer
  • Technology Prospection
  • Support actions of Technological Extension
  • Promoting activities of Technological Innovation and Intellectual Property

We offer

  • Technology Showcase;
  • Support in actions to find possible partnerships in technology solutions;
  • Support in analysis of the economical and technical availability of the develop technologies by nucleated Institutions;
  • Providing more security in processes of Technology Transfer, based in legal security
  • Support actions of intellectual property and innovation management;
  • Legal assistance in process of Transfer of Technology.

NIT-Mantiquera Model

NIT-Mantiqueira has an organizational structure which includes a team of public servers and professionals from market with technical competencies and managerial skills to deal with more specifics demanded by Institutions and companies associated to Regional Cluster. It is a multidisciplinary team with expertise on technology transfer, intellectual property, trade, economy, administration, legal sciences and information technology.

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